Monday, August 6, 2012

Gladiator - Street Fighter Review

Gladiator: Street Fighter

NAME: Gladiator - Street Fighter
AUTHOR: Simon Scarrow
DESCRIPTION: Street Fighter is the second in the wonderful series by Simon Scarrow beginning with Fight For Freedom.

You can buy this book here on AMAZON.

In Street Fighter Marcus is slave to Caesar (Julius Caesar) so he can do one thing: Protect Caesar's Niece, Portia (pronounced Por-shi-a). He is trained with the dagger, the throwing-knife, the staves (clubs) and his bare hands. But he must also learn the ways of the street.

Marcus undergoes ill treatment, dangerous acts and betrayal when Caesar has an argument with consul Cito. Marcus is confronted by a pair of enemy thugs, goes undercover in "The Pit" (the bad side of town) and faces an old enemy in the arena to keep Caesar and Portia out of harm's way. At the end of the book there are some fast facts about Rome and the Romans.

I think the book is amazing and wonderful. I also like the book because I have been recently learning Latin and there were some Latin names of thing I recognized (such as Lupus, wolf ).

I will now read the first book in the series.


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