Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jimmy Coates: Killer Review



Book Author: Joe Craig

Description: Jimmy Coates: Killer is the first of a spy adventure series for kids. The book made me feel exited, as if it was really happening around me, as if the words were forming people and objects. Let me tell you about it. Jimmy realises he has special powers when a government service named NJ7 try to kidnap him in his house. As he realises more about himself, Jimmy finds out that he is genetically modified to be the perfect assassin.

I love the part where Jimmy's mum is overprotective. (The perfect assassin! Do you need a plaster on that, Jimmy?) My favourite quote is: "Welcome, Jimmy, to number 10 Downing Street."

Stars: 5/5

My Decision: I would say that this is a brilliant and high-octane book. I would recommend this book to people who want adventure books.

Buy it on Amazon here, paperback or Kindle edition.

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