Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review - A Brief History of Time

A Brief History of Time

AUTHOR:Stephen Hawking
REVIEWER:Dylan Haynes

I warn you, this is not a children's book. I sometimes personally had to read each paragraph several times to get the information in my head, and it felt like I had forgotten the English language. Apart from that, I had no trouble reading it, and I would suggest 12+ readers, but mainly eager theoretical scientists trying to get that degree that seems only just out of your grasp.

Stephen Hawking, who suffers from Motor Neurone Disease, has spent many years as a theoretical scientist, and despite his condition, has debatably become the greatest British scientist of this generation. He has proved this by writing A Brief History of Time.

In this book he explains our perspective of the universe and adds to it in great detail, explaining a number of scientific facts and theories. Here are some that interested me.

  • The 3 Dimensions and what they are. A 3-D object comprises 3 Dimensions: Motion, Depth and Height. "Depth" is the x axis on your typical graph.

  • How nothing 2-D can live. A 2-D creature cannot live (in terms of life as we on Earth know it) because it would have to excrete by the same means as it ate - through the mouth! This is because, if there was a tube running through its body, the body would fall apart. The same goes for blood flowing around the body.

  • The Chandrasekhar Limit. The Chandrasekhar Limit is the limited amount of mass a star can have before its death, so that when it dies, it becomes a stable cold star. Above this, it with become a supernova or a black hole.

  • How black holes aren't so black. Black holes may be black, but they do sometimes seem to give off particles! This is due to particle + anti-particle pairs being absorbed by the black hole.

  • How the universe might end in a big crunch or a big freeze. There are two big theories for the fate of the universe (according to Stephen Hawking and other scientists):The Big Crunch and the Big Freeze. 1. The Big Crunch claims the universe might end like it started - as a singularity. A singularity is a point in space-time around which a black hole may form. The universe will shrink to this size, then (maybe) create a new universe. 2. The Big Freeze claims the universe with continue expanding, until (and past when) space will get cold and dark, and life as we know it will end.

For more information on the universe, read the book and/or watch Stephen Hawking's Universe(also known as Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking) on Youtube.

I rate this: 10 STARS!!
* * * * *
A Must Read!

Dyl Out.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Dr Who Xmas Special 2012

Usually I review books, but, due to recent events, I am trying something new.
So, here goes:
Dr Who Xmas Special

The Doctor is roaming the streets of late-19th Century London after giving up the "Savior of Worlds" business. Then something catches his attention: blood-thirsty Snowmen are popping up from nowhere.
These Snowmen Have Serious Teeth Problems. I wouldn't want to have my
hand in one of their mouths! Eek!
Events lead to a woman frozen in a pond last Christmas, a race of eerie mind-searching snow, the prevention of the creation of a race of ice-people(That's a lot of "of"s) and, scariest of all, The Doctor without a tweed jacket!
Why is She impersonating Punch from "Punch and Judy"?
It is connected to the Xmas Special featuring the Sycorax because the Tardis is floating in the clouds just like the Sycorax ship!
It also Differs from the Xmas Special featuring the Sycorax because there is more snow here and that snow is less suspicious than a big red button or a spaceship floating in the clouds.

Hope you enjoyed this review.

Dyl Out.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Black Magician Trilogy Review

The Magicians' Guild
Book 1
The Novice: The Black Magician Trilogy Book Two: Black Magician Trilogy, Book 2
Book 2


The Magicians Guild(Book One); The Novice(Book Two);


 Trudi Canavan


These book have been recently read by me! Yes, ones with the very same covers as those above! These are part of the Black Magician Trilogy, where Sonea, a slum girl pushed out of her stay house in the City during the Purge (an attempt by the Guild to remove immigrants and Thieves from the City). Annoyed, Sonea joins a gang of Juvenile Delinquents throwing stones at the Magicians of the Guild. Sonea throws a large stone at the Magicians, putting all her anger and hate behind it, and was amazed when there was a flash of blue light as the stone passed though the magician's powerful barrier, hitting a magician on the temple.

This discovery of magic sends Sonea crashing through an adventure starring evil, danger and....

What I liked about this book was that it is an adventurous book about magic, and Adventure and magic are my fave things! I really like it how in The Novice, when Sonea takes Dorrien's advise and challenges an offending novice to a formal battle in the arena, the novice is surprised!



Monday, August 6, 2012

Gladiator - Street Fighter Review

Gladiator: Street Fighter

NAME: Gladiator - Street Fighter
AUTHOR: Simon Scarrow
DESCRIPTION: Street Fighter is the second in the wonderful series by Simon Scarrow beginning with Fight For Freedom.

You can buy this book here on AMAZON.

In Street Fighter Marcus is slave to Caesar (Julius Caesar) so he can do one thing: Protect Caesar's Niece, Portia (pronounced Por-shi-a). He is trained with the dagger, the throwing-knife, the staves (clubs) and his bare hands. But he must also learn the ways of the street.

Marcus undergoes ill treatment, dangerous acts and betrayal when Caesar has an argument with consul Cito. Marcus is confronted by a pair of enemy thugs, goes undercover in "The Pit" (the bad side of town) and faces an old enemy in the arena to keep Caesar and Portia out of harm's way. At the end of the book there are some fast facts about Rome and the Romans.

I think the book is amazing and wonderful. I also like the book because I have been recently learning Latin and there were some Latin names of thing I recognized (such as Lupus, wolf ).

I will now read the first book in the series.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Redwall Review

Ignore the "Click to look inside".


Author: Brian Jacques (French surname)

Description: Redwall is made up of three parts: The Wall; The Quest and The Warrior. Cluny the Scourge (an evil rat) and his horde (army) head to Redwall Abbey (the peaceful home of a comunity of mice) so he can conquer Redwall and vanquish the phantom figure from his dreams (Martin the Warrior).

Meanwhile at Redwall Abbey, It is the Summer of the Late Rose and a young mouse novice named Matthias learns the story of Martin the Warrior, the bravest mouse that ever lived. Everymouse is preparing a feast as it is Abbot Mortimer's Golden Jubilee. But soon festivity turns to fear when Cluny arrives and attacks the Abbey. The battles must begin!

I like the part when Matthias and Brother Methuselah are trying to figure out what "I - am that is, two mice within Redwall" meant, and Brother Methuselah figured it out and childishly said,"I know something you don't know!" and I was very sad when I learnt that Brian Jacques had died recently because I think the book is wonderful.

Rating: * * * * * ( five stars)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jimmy Coates: Killer Review



Book Author: Joe Craig

Description: Jimmy Coates: Killer is the first of a spy adventure series for kids. The book made me feel exited, as if it was really happening around me, as if the words were forming people and objects. Let me tell you about it. Jimmy realises he has special powers when a government service named NJ7 try to kidnap him in his house. As he realises more about himself, Jimmy finds out that he is genetically modified to be the perfect assassin.

I love the part where Jimmy's mum is overprotective. (The perfect assassin! Do you need a plaster on that, Jimmy?) My favourite quote is: "Welcome, Jimmy, to number 10 Downing Street."

Stars: 5/5

My Decision: I would say that this is a brilliant and high-octane book. I would recommend this book to people who want adventure books.

Buy it on Amazon here, paperback or Kindle edition.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

POINT BLANC, Anthony Horowitz

Buy on Amazon UK


Author: Anthony Horowitz

Description: Alex Rider is undercover as Alex Friend at Point Blanc Academy where rich and spoilt children go to learn manners. After meeting the rest of the friend family and exploring the friend household, he goes on a shooting party with his pretend sister, saves her from being run over by a train and went to Point Blanc Academy in a helicopter in one extraordinary week! For those of you have not seen the film ALEX RIDER:STORMBREAKER, Alex is a spy.
He works for  MI6 Special Operations.  Alex has the luck of the devil. My favourite quote was "My name is Grief" which is also the name of chapter 9, and my favourite part of the book is in chapter 17,when Alex was attacked.

The book made me feel exited, wanting more Alex rider. What will he do next!

The book was so good I will give it a 4 and a half stars.

Book Detail: Fast paced, well written.